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The island of Rhodes belongs to the South Aegean Region. It is the largest island in the Dodecanese and also the fourth largest in Greece. Furthermore Rhodes is an island with a long history, a rich natural environment, beautiful beaches and modern tourist facilities. Because of those factors Rhodes is for decades one of the most popular tourist destinations both nationally and worldwide.

A visitor can reach the island either by air or through sea. There are the daily flights and ferry itineraries with the main cities of Greece (Athens, Piraeus, Santorini, Mykonos, Kos, Kastelorizo, Symi, Chalki, Thessaloniki etc.) Finally during summer, there are many charter flights from /to all the major European cities. Therefore the accessibility to Rhodes island really easy.

Diagoras Airport

Rhodes international airport ‘Diagoras’ is located in Paradeisi village. The distance from Rhodes town is almost 15 km and it takes less than 40 minutes through public transportation (bus) to cover it. There is regular public transportation from and to Rhodes international airport and there is also a taxi rank located just outside.

Rhodes harbor is located in Rhodes city with two ports for the arrival / departure of the ships.

Kolona Port

Kolona port is closer in Rhodes city center and it is accessible by car, by bus or even by foot (less than 10 minutes from Rhodes city center). Usually smaller boats are arriving / departing from Kolona port on daily schedule.

Acandia Port

Acandia port is the docking point of Blue Star Ferries ships. It is accessible by car, by bus or even by foot (less than 25 minutes from Rhodes city centre). Mostly larger boats are arriving / departing from Acandia port including also those making the ferry itineraries to Santorini, Mykonos and Piraeus.

Bus Terminal

The bus terminal location is in Rhodes city centre (“Mandraki”) therefore the accessibility in Rhodes port and Medieval town (Old town) is very easy.

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